Every year, we like to guess what cool things will be trendy for weddings in the next year. We spend a lot of time looking at Pinterest, Instagram, and real weddings, finding new ideas that we love.

In 2024, weddings are changing a bit. More couples want to make their weddings unique, telling their own love story. We’re seeing lots of new trends, like bright colors, full black and white, personalized touches, bold bridal styles, fun guest experiences, and unique entertainment. My list of the biggest trends for 2024 weddings is making us really excited for the year to come!

So, here are my top guesses for the coolest 2024 Wedding Trends. I got inspired by stylish couples, the fashion world, bridal runways, and awesome wedding suppliers.

Don’t worry if you don’t see something here that you really like. You can make your wedding special with your own unique touches, and others might follow your lead in the future!

Exciting Colors & Lots of Decorations

Before, people liked soft and light colors a lot. But now, we’re happy to welcome vibrant and bold colors that catch your eye! People are also really into having lots of decorations and making a big statement with their style, invitations, cake, flowers, and everything else. Whether it’s warm, earthy colors, bright color combos, one color with bold flashes, or mixing lots of colors together – it’s one of our favorite trends for weddings in 2024!

And guess what? Experts who predict colors, like Pantone, say that the top colors for spring and summer 2024 will be Peach Fuzz, bright Horizon Blue, cool Spicy Mustard, lively Sun Orange, fresh Bistro Green, hot Fiesta Red, and strong Strong Blue.

White and black theme

Are you thinking about using a black and white wedding theme? Even though some may say the palette is plain, it can be one of the most gorgeous combinations around. Black and white are both sophisticated and simple. It is the perfect choice for a couple that wants to be classy but has an edge on their wedding style. The black suit for the groom is coming back and we LOVE IT !

Ethereal & Elegant Wedding Venues

Candlelit venues give off a romantic vibe, with flickering flames creating a cozy atmosphere for exchanging vows and declarations of love. I really, really think we’ll be seeing a lot of these next year and in future weddings!

The mix of candles and flowers makes a nice balance, making the overall look better and making the ceremony space magical. Basically, simplicity is the vibe for 2024. Whether it’s simple or fancy, these venue designs bring together the beauty of candles, flowers, and glass vases smoothly. Check out all the wedding venue inspiration here.

Capturing Memories

The focus remains on those flawless moments that are worth remembering. Imagine candid snapshots like pouring champagne towers or striking a pose next to vintage cars. We’re referring to enjoyable and unforgettable photo chances, including the ever-popular sparkler exits. Brace yourself for an abundance of these delightful moments in the year 2024!

Intimate weddings

The charm of small, intimate weddings and elopements remains strong. Couples are favoring shorter guest lists, aiming for celebrations brimming with heartfelt connections and chic decorations. Quality takes the lead over quantity, and we’re absolutely smitten with this choice!

Dress Code

Themes Themed dress codes are gaining popularity. Though they might pose a few challenges for guests in choosing attire, they result in stunning photos and elevate the overall visual appeal of the celebration.

Petite Bouquet

Inspired by Sofia Richie’s wedding, small bridal bouquets are making a comeback, adding a hint of delicate elegance to the bridal ensemble. These smaller bouquets are not only stylish but also budget-friendly, making them a delightful addition to your wedding party’s attire.

Pretty Veils with Ruffles & Embroidery

Ruffle veils are like soft waterfalls that frame the bride’s face, giving a romantic touch. They come in different sizes, adding a bit of flair to the bride’s look.

Embroidered veils have fancy patterns, making them look special. Some brides even put their initials or important symbols on them, making these veils a nice memory of their love story. Whether it’s classic lace or modern designs, these veils make the bride look even more beautiful on her special day.

Flower Sprout Cakes or Heart-Shaped Cakes

Flower sprout cakes are like a magical garden on your dessert table. They have flowers that look like they’re growing from the cake, and they use fondant or sugar paste to make them colorful and detailed. These cakes are perfect for weddings or spring parties and are ranked number 5 on the Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2024.

Now, let’s talk about heart-shaped cakes! These cakes bring romance with pretty lace and delicate flowers. They’re timeless and come in soft colors, making them look like sweet pieces of art. Perfect for weddings with a vintage touch, these cakes add a sentimental and elegant vibe to the dessert table.

Mix & Match Floral Bridesmaids Dresses

Choosing different floral prints for bridesmaids’ dresses adds a playful and bohemian feel, letting each bridesmaid show their unique style. The mix of various floral patterns makes the bridal party look interesting and diverse while still staying coordinated.

Brides can pick a color theme or a specific flower idea to keep everything looking good together while celebrating differences. This trend is flexible, allowing bridesmaids to choose dresses that fit their body shape and personal style.

The result is a lively and attention-grabbing bridal party, where floral prints add a whimsical touch to the overall wedding look. Mixing and matching floral print dresses bring a fresh and modern twist to bridesmaids’ outfits, making the celebration more vibrant and unforgettable. Check out more bridesmaids’ inspiration here.

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